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Drug and alcohol addiction is all around you. No matter where you live, even in affluent neighborhoods where crime and poverty rates are low, drug and alcohol addiction is taking a toll on the population. Santa Clarita Drug Rehab Centers may be the answer for you if you're dealing with addiction now. While you never planned to become an addict, the fact is that addiction can sneak up on you in a hurry. For some addicts, it takes just a few weeks to feel like they need to use drugs or drink heavily on a regular basis. When this happens, it's easy to feel like you don't have any support or a place to turn for help.

Our trained professional rehab advisors are here to help you get the treatment you need so you can turn your life around. There's no shame in needing help to beat an addiction, and if you're struggling, it may be the only option that will work for you.

Reach out to our trained staff members today by calling (877) 804-1531. It's not too late to turn back the clock and live a clean, happy and healthy life that isn't controlled by drugs or alcohol.

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How Do I Know if I'm an Addict?

Addiction is something that can impact anyone, and even if you've only been using for a relatively short period of time, it is possible to need help. Long-term addicts who have been using for years often can't quit without help even if they attempt to do so on their own at first.

While addiction can be difficult to understand, and even addicts who are suffering don't always recognize the issue in themselves, there are some common threads that can help you determine if you're an addict.

Common signs of addiction include:

•   Feeling like you need to use drugs or alcohol on a regular basis. Many addicts start to develop a mental addiction to the substance they go on to abuse after just a few weeks.

•   Avoiding social situations where you are not able to use drugs or alcohol. Addicts often find themselves with new friend groups while avoiding family members who may be judgmental of their behavior.

•   Drinking or using drugs alone regularly. Having a glass of wine by yourself with dinner doesn't make you an addict, but using to get high and drinking to get drunk often is a clear sign that you're addicted.

•   Dealing with withdrawal symptoms if you go more than 12 hours without using drugs or drinking alcohol. Many people who deal with withdrawal in this manner require specialized drug rehab in Santa Clarita or focused alcohol rehab in Santa Clarita. Withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening if the addiction is severe enough.

•   Continuing to use drugs or alcohol even though they are damaging your life. Addicts often experience issues at work or in their personal lives because of their alcohol and drug abuse.

These are just a few common signs of addiction, and your issues may not match 100%. That doesn't mean our trained advisors can't help you get treatment. Pick up the phone and call Santa Clarita Drug Rehab Centers at (877) 804-1531 now so we can help you find that will aid you in getting healthy again.

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Getting treatment for an addiction can be scary, and if you're like most addicts, you're not entirely sure where to turn. In fact, many addicts reach out to friends and family that simply can't guide them. Most addicts need professional help.

Our trained advisors can give you more information about a variety of treatment plans ranging from detox to inpatient and outpatient care. Specialized programs designed for specific addictions are also available.

No matter how long you've been using there is hope for getting clean and sober again. Call us now so we can put you in touch with reputable drug and alcohol rehab centers that understand your needs.

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